Solar Film & Inserts For Conservatory Roofs

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Solar Film & Inserts For Conservatory Roofs

What are Solar Inserts?
Solar Inserts are produced from metalized polyester film that has high radiant heat reflective properties. They slide into the top cavity of the polycarbonate and form an integral part of the roof structure.

They are a very effective way to cool your conservatory in the summer and retain the heat in the winter. They are less expensive than air conditioning and once installed are maintenance free; conservatory cooling has never been so simple and effective.

The idea of using this technology in polycarbonate roofs for conservatory cooling and glare reduction was introduced over a decade ago. Solar inserts are also the most effective product to reduce heat loss through your polycarbonate roof, making your conservatory heating far more effective in winter.

You will experience a substantial fall in the temperature build up in your conservatory. In high summer you may well experience a drop in temperature by up to 40 degrees. You can expect it to be very similar to the external temperature, although this may vary slightly according to the aspect and style of conservatory.

Solar Inserts help to reduce heat loss through the roof of your conservatory. They work in such a way that they reflect the radiant heat which would normally be lost through the roof back into the room. This causes the ambient temperature in your conservatory to improve which enables you to reduce your conservatory heating bills.

What is Solar Film?
In the summer month’s conservatories are renowned for trapping heat and being unbearable to use, the reason for this is often that once the heat gets into your conservatory it cannot get out.

If you have a glass roof on your conservatory you can have solar film fitted to the glass panels on your roof. The control film can be fitted in place so there is no need to have your roof dismantled, the benefits of the film are reduced heat gain, up to 77% of the heat is rejected. There is an up to 78% reduction in glare, and the UV rejection is up to 99% so your conservatory furniture etc will be protected from fading.

Why choose film over blinds? Blinds are good at cutting down on glare and stopping the UV rays but they do not stop heat gain. What happens is the heat enters into your conservatory but then gets trapped in between the blind and the roof panel causing the rest of the air inside the conservatory to heat up. Once the heat is in it is very hard to cool the conservatory down again. Because solar film is fitted to the inside of the glass panels the heat and UV is reflected before it enters your conservatory keeping it cooler all summer long, and as an added bonus it also helps to keep the heat inside your conservatory in the winter!

Blinds can also be a pain to clean; they trap dust flies and cobwebs making them very unsightly at times. As solar film is fitted directly to the glass it is maintenance free.


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