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If you are thinking about conservatory roof repairs or changing your conservatory roof then glass is a brilliant option, with excellent energy saving properties it can really make your conservatory feel like an extra room on your house giving you the option to use it all year round.

All evidence and research from existing conservatory owners certainly points to glass as the chief roofing material.

Glass also has the added benefit of noise reduction. Just like a double glazed window it can cut down on noise considerably over polycarbonate.

We offer a full range of temperature control glass. Whether it be for keeping heat in or out we can come up with the perfect option to suit your specific needs.

There is also the option of combining self cleaning glass in with your temperature control glass. Self cleaning has a photo catalytic coating on the outside which uses UV rays from the sun to break down the organic dirt on the panel, then when it rains the coating is designed to spread the rain drops out rather than them sitting in droplets, this creates a wave effect and as the water travels down the panel it picks up the dirt and carries it away. The panel will then dry without leaving water marks.
Our Roofs
At Exe Conservatory Repairs we believe in using only the best quality products available. Our new conservatory roofs are designed and fabricated to your particular requirements whether it be a basic lean-to, or a bespoke design.

Our roofs are manufactured using the K2 or Ultraframe roof systems. Both systems use a variety of innovative ideas, so you can make your conservatory a real one off.

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