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Conservatory Repairs & Replacements in Exmouth

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Guardian Tiled Conservatory Roof

Transform your conservatory into a whole new more energy efficient room you can use all year round with a Guardian Warm Roof, almost like an extension to your property but without the hassle!

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Glass Conservatory Roof

If you are thinking about conservatory roof repairs or changing your conservatory roof then glass is a brilliant option, with excellent energy saving properties it can really make your conservatory feel like an extra room on your house giving you the option to use it all year round

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Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof

Polycarbonate is a versatile lightweight glazing option giving excellent heat control properties; it is good for heat retention and also keeping out heat in the summer, coupled with solar control inserts it can keep out up to 80% of the heat from the sun and its harmful UV rays making your conservatory a comfortable temperature throughout the summer

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Solar Inserts

Solar Inserts are produced from metalized polyester film that has high radiant heat reflective properties. They slide into the top cavity of the polycarbonate and form an integral part of the roof structure

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Solar Film

In the summer months conservatories are renowned for trapping heat and being unbearable to use, the reason for this is often that once the heat gets into your conservatory it cannot get out

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Timber supported overlay roof

A timber supported overlay roof is a roof that is made up of timber rafters, The glazing is then supported by these rafters and sealed on the top using rafter glazing bars usually made of aluminium but sometimes plastic

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Celsius Glass

The Celsius glass range is a performance glass boasting a minimum u value of just 1.0, as well as heat reflection of up to 78% and an easy clean coating making it a very desirable addition to any conservatory

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