Conservatory & Double Glazing FAQ's

Commonly asked questions about double glazing services and products

Q Can you repair my leaking roof?
A Most leaks can be fixed, but there are rare cases when a structural problem with the roof exists and replacement parts would be the preferred option.

Q Can just one glass panel be changed?
A Most of the time, just one double glazed unit can be changed without affecting any of the other panels.

Q Can you replace just my polycarbonate panels?
A With a UPVC conservatory roof, we can change the polycarbonate panels. We would also recommend changing the glazing bar top caps as well. With wooden structures, we would always change the glazing caps. Both can be done without changing the whole structure.

Q Can we change our polycarbonate sheets for glass?
A Yes it is possible to change from polycarbonate to glass. Many people do this to reduce noise and increase warmth. A detailed survey of your conservatory will need to be completed to assess whether or not a new glass roof could be fitted to your existing structure.

Q Do solar inserts or solar film really work? Can we not just put blinds up?
A Yes they do work. The inserts and the film both work with very good results reflecting around 80% of the sun’s heat and UV, also cutting down on glare. Using blinds is ok if you just want to cut out glare but they are no good for cutting down heat. Heat will build up between the panels and blinds, increasing the temperature inside the conservatory rapidly. The inserts or film reflect the heat and UV before it enters into the conservatory keeping it cooler.

Q Can you replace my conservatory roof without new windows?
A Depending on the condition of your existing structure, most conservatories can have a new roof fitted on top of the existing windows, but when upgrading from polycarbonate to glass, the windows have to be assessed for the correct structural elements to ensure they can take the weight of the new glass roof.

Q Can we replace our conservatory without a new base?
A The answer is generally yes, but only after a survey of your existing structure and base to make sure there is not any subsidence.

Q What is a conservatory warm roof conversion system?
A The Guardian Warm Roof is a complete replacement solid roof for your conservatory and the only replacement roof option available with building control certification. This can transform your conservatory into a whole new room, more energy efficient and a room you can use all year round, almost like an extension to your property but without the hassle!
The roof system is designed to replace your old conservatory roof while retaining the original windows, doors, frames and walls, cause minimal disruption and receiving maximum energy efficacy.

Q Do I need planning Permission to change my conservatory roof for a solid one?
A No, this is one of the great things about the solid roof systems, it eliminates the hassle. Building Regulations changed allowing anyone to install a solid roof on their conservatory as long as it meets the criteria.

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